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Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium 'Prosper' 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
Walk With Path

Walk With Path

Copenhagen, Denmark
About Walk With Path
Walk With Path is a health-tech start-up focusing on revolutionising mobility and falls prevention through the innovation of wearable devices. Path Finder designed specifically for people with Parkinson's disease was launched in 2017 as a medical device in Europe, it is now being used to improve mobility of over 450 people throughout Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. 
Path Finder, alleviates the symptom of Freezing of Gait (FoG), the feeling of your feet being 'stuck' to the ground. This is the main cause of falls for people living with Parkinson's. It works by using lasers as a visual cue, these are projected from a device attached to your shoe disrupting the FoG and allowing a person to continue walking
Published clinical evidence in esteemed journals proves that Path Finder alleviates FoG by more than 50%. The social impact of Path Finder has far reaching results on the person and their family, a pilot study indicates the improvement in the psychosocial health of people with Parkinson's, including self-esteem, confidence, reduction in stigma and ability to try new things. 
Path Finder directly results in people being able to return to, or maintain independent mobility to allow them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.