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Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium 'Prosper' 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
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Lynn Russell

CEO - Invisible Disabilities
Professional Bio
I like to see the world as it can be and when I acquired an Invisible Disability 4 years ago, I understood the difficulties people can face and how lack of understanding and recognition can trigger stress and anxiety and other illnesses. That’s how Invisible Disabilities Australia was born, to bring about change.
I have spent the last 35 years working to make a difference to the lives of others. When I was 4, I lived in a Canberra migrant hostel, we suffered exclusion and discrimination, we were ‘the other’. That helped me to understand how important inclusion and access is for us to thrive and be the best we can be. 
I have a lifelong commitment to promotion of equity and human rights at an individual and systemic level. I worked as an invited member of Council on the Ageing - Housing Policy and Elder Abuse committees, Management Board of ADACAS, (ACT Disability Aged Care Advocacy Service). Amnesty International Liaison Group, visiting embassies to plead for the lives of prisoners on death row. Often, just shining a light was enough to stop executions and torture, they knew we were watching.
I lobbied in the federal parliament for decades on the Tibetan issue which culminated in organising and attending top level meetings between the Dalai Lama and our then Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans and Prime Minister Paul Keating, bringing Tibetan and Australian leaders together to talk about both sides of the Tibetan issue. 
All of the work I have done has been about presenting the other side of the story and creating solutions through dialogue.
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