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Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium 'Prosper' 2020
Parkinson's Australia National Symposium - Prosper 2020
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Kevin Mundow

Founder - Dreamflow TherapyJapan
Professional Bio
Originally from the U.K, and now based in Japan, Kevin Mundow graduated from a 2 year, 2200 hour full-time Shiatsu course at The Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy in Vancouver, Canada in 2007. The course included over 300 practice sessions in the school clinic. The college is affiliated with the Namikoshi Gakuen College in Tokyo, opened by the founder of Shiatsu, Tokujiro Namikoshi.
 ​Kevin is involved in ongoing studies of Seitai ("adjust the body") therapy at the Seido Kai School in Tokyo, Japan and has extensive experience in the field of whole body exercise, including studying Qi Gong (Chinese holistic health exercise) at the Real Taoism studio in London, U.K with Chris Ray Chappell, and ongoing training in Yi Chuan, a Chinese Qi Gong-based health, meditative and martial art system, (known as "Taiki Ken" in Japan) at Shisei Juku School in Tokyo. Kevin taught Qigong exercises to many of his Shiatsu clients in Dublin, Ireland to further help them regain their health and mobility, and to relieve their pain.
 Kevin is also a certified Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner. Access Bars is practiced and taught  in 176 countries around the world. Kevin has worked at the Japan Shiatsu Clinic in Vancouver, Canada, at the CIALL Youth under 18's Addiction Response Crumlin Program (ARC) in Dublin, Ireland, and was the owner and operator of Active Method Ireland (Shiatsu therapy) at the Dublin Wellness Centre in Dublin, Ireland for 4 years before returning to Japan in 2015.
 Kevin created Dreamflow Therapy in 2020 to meet the growing need of people worldwide for a strong immune system, stress reduction, and lifelong health, mobility, and vitality.
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